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Rain Gutter Cleaning in San Diego

For many people, the idea of gutters is simple to understand. Hence, it's only natural that most people would also think of (Do It Yourself) DIY-ing gutter cleaning. While it's certainly possible to DIY the gutter cleaning process, have you considered the question - is it  better than hiring a contractor? The answer might be surprising, but in most cases, you are better off hiring a professional to do the job for plenty of reasons.


Cost Efficiency


The average homeowner pays around $150 for gutter cleaning. The said information comes from Home Advisor's True Cost Guide. Of course, the price will vary depending on a couple of factors, such as overall condition, size, and height. While the cost might seem high when compared to doing it on your own, the DIY route will also mean buying equipment that you will barely use.

Furthermore, you also need to factor in the time doing it. Would you rather use that time doing something you enjoy or spend it on something more productive? If the answer is yes, then it's likely that the price difference of hiring a contractor is not that huge if you factor the cost of the equipment.


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Minimizing Risk

If you have no or little experience cleaning gutters while being on a rooftop or ladder, the job can be hazardous. One slip, could lead to disaster. At the very least, you'll get wounds, broken bones and/or bruises. At worst, the fall could be fatal. Now the question becomes, are these risk factors worth saving around $150? In most cases, the answer is no. This is especially true if you consider how much the cost of hospitalization or medical attention is. Hint, in most cases, it's a lot more than $150.



There's no question about it. The quality of the job is a lot better when hiring contractors versus DIY-ing. In most cases, the quality will have a direct impact on the gutter themselves. One overlooked aspect could lead to damaged gutters, which would then cost a lot more to repair.


Wrapping It All Up


Each of the points mentioned above will already have an excellent reason why hiring professionals will most likely be the right choice. Now, when you combine all those three reasons versus DIY-ing it, then hiring a professional gutter cleaning contractor becomes a no-brainer.


Now, this article is not saying that hiring contractors is the only way to do it. If you have experience working with ladders, high places and/or gutters, then you might be better off DIY-ing the job. This assumes that you already have the equipment, and you have nothing else better to do. But for everyone else, hiring professional gutter cleaning contractors is likely the correct choice.

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