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Rain Barrel Installation & Sales in San Diego

San Diego Rain Barrels


Our company facilitates rain barrels sales & installations for any private homeowner or business in San Diego. There are several different sizes and types of rain barrels. Which one will be best for you will be determined by what you intend to do with the collected rainwater. One of the main benefits of having a rainwater collection system is the gallons of free usable water for your landscaping, which is especially useful here in San Diego. It also comes with the additional benefit of keeping water from seeping down into your foundation, under your house, or through cracks into your basement.

Professional Rain Barrel Installation in San Diego

If your motivation for getting a rain barrel is for use as an outdoor water tank for watering your yard or garden, then the barrel will need to be lifted to facilitate a faucet or hose connection. Rain barrels allow us all to do our part in recycling and creating an environment that reuses and takes advantage of the money-saving opportunity provided by these useful tools here in San Diego California. It is important to note for San Diego California buyers who intend to use the water collected for their garden or yard that the water will have traced of whatever chemicals you used on your roof. Be sure not to use the water on your plants if you had your roof treated with zinc, various chemicals for killing algae and moss, or if you have a copper gutter.


Commercial property owners in San Diego county can also get a substantial benefit from installing a rain barrel system. Having a rain barrel water collection setup will enhance a sense of sustainability and can result in utility costs while adding to landscaping resources. Approximately ninety-nine percent of the water used on commercial sites is not for drinking. That leaves a lot of water that you can substitute with natural run-off rainwater. You will also be adding resources to your community in the event of a drought. Only one percent of the trillions of gallons of water is fresh. Being a part of the conservation effort is excellent on a personal and professional level.

Available Rain Barrel Options


There is a large variety of rain barrel options to choose from in our stock. Painted and unpainted, large, small, connected barrels, lifted or not lifted. There is something to fit any preference. You can also connect two barrels to maximize the water collection potential. They can be large plastic drums painted to the color of your liking, or they can look like old fashioned wine barrels for aesthetic reasons. Here are a few features of typical rain barrels.


  • Open topped

  • Collapsable

  • Flat backed

  • Barrels featuring debris screens

  • Barrels featuring water outlet for a spigot or hose


Those are just a few of the options available. We can accommodate all rain barrel installation needs. If you would like to know more in regards to the rain barrels sales & installations in our stock, we can provide answers to all of your questions. Our team of trained customer support agents will be glad to take your call anytime. Reach out today to transform your home or business into a conservation hot spot within your neighborhood. Call us for a free quote!

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