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How Much Do Rain Gutters Cost?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Accumulated rainwater can leak through the roof and also damage it. Hence it is important to ensure that the rain gutters in the home are not clogged or damaged. In some cases, the home owner may find that the gutters are partly or completely damaged.

Depending on the gutter layout and budget, the property owner can install sectional or seamless gutters. Also there are many different types of materials used in gutters like vinyl, aluminum, steel and copper. So home owners would like to find out, how much do gutters cost so that they can choose the right rain gutters based on their budget and requirement.

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Gutter buyers should be aware that most people prefer to purchase sectional gutters which are manufactured in factors and delivered to the customer address since they are comparatively cheaper. The gutter sections are then connected together at the property using gutter fittings. Usually these gutters are made from aluminum, though steel and copper gutters are also available. However, these gutters may leak at the point where they are joined together, so if the property owner can afford it, it is better to opt for seamless gutters which are extruded at the site. The cost of these seamless gutters is higher at approximately $14 per feet.

Cost of Sectional Gutters

For sectional gutters the cost varies depending on the material. Vinyl is the cheapest material for gutters costing $3-6 per feet and is light in weight. However, it is not very strong, and will develop cracks easily. Aluminum gutters are stronger than vinyl gutters, does not corrode, costs $4-8 /feet but may develop cracks due to temperature fluctuation.

Steel does not develop any cracks, is stronger, yet may get rusted and the typical cost is $6-9 /feet. Copper is the best material for rain cutters, lasting for a very long time. However, it is fairly expensive with copper gutters priced at $15-28 /feet.

Gutter Pricing Depends On Multiple Factors

The exact price of the gutters will depend on the brand selected, the exact thickness of the gutters and other factors. Another cost which home owners should consider while calculating cutter cost is the installation cost.

Your contractor of choice for installation of the gutter will usually charge per feet of gutter, and this may be $10 or more per feet, depending on the complexity of the work. The total cost of the gutters will vary based on the length of the gutters which are required for the house, most homes will require at least 160 feet of rain gutters for their house.

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