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Copper Rain Gutters

Gutters are an essential element in any building, whether it is a building, a house, or a cottage because it collects rainwater and does not allow it to drain under the facilities. Copper rain gutters are certainly one of the best solutions for draining water from your roof, but they are undeniably one of the most aesthetically pleasing solutions. Woolley's Gutter Experts make gutters of steel, aluminum, or copper. Copper rain gutters fit perfectly with a variety of building materials in both old and modern buildings. Copper is incredibly long-lasting and requires no maintenance. The benefits of copper rain gutters lie in the aesthetics, longevity, and enhancement of the property. Copper takes as much as two to three times longer than other gutter materials.

Woolley's Gutter Experts is a factory that comes to your home address to install copper rain gutters for the right length. The cross-section is usually semicircular or square and can have various other decorative profiles.​

Advantages of Copper Rain Gutters:

  1. Copper gutters extending along roofs and facades add value to the building;

  2. Copper lasts two or even three times longer than other materials to cover;

  3. It is the same for the sea air and urban environment, resistant to corrosion and the most extreme climatic conditions;

  4. Copper is a natural material, which is why it is well recycled and does not pollute the environment.


Because they fit perfectly into different building materials, copper rain gutters are a great match for old and modern buildings. Copper is incredibly durable, requires no maintenance and replacement, creates a color that protects it for a long time, and is easy to form.


Woolley's Gutter Experts offer you a free estimate if you invite them at your home address, as well as several lines of seamless copper rain gutters:

  • Storm Master;

  • Black Thunder;

  • Rain Star;

  • American Half Round;

  • Euro-Classic;

  • Titan lines.

Copper Gutter_edited.jpg


Do you have any questions about copper gutters? If you do, our roofers have answers to all your questions in this FAQ. So, read on to learn more about copper gutters.

Are Copper Gutters More Expensive than Other Gutter Materials?

The truth is that copper gutters usually have a higher upfront cost than other gutter materials like vinyl or aluminum. However, the premium price of copper gutters is attributed to their high quality, longevity, and durability. Copper gutters also offer natural resistance to rust and corrosion. Moreover, they provide unique aesthetic appeal and can significantly improve your property's curb appeal. Consult our professional gutter installers today to learn more about the requirements of your home and how you can harness the power of copper gutters.

Can Copper Gutters Be Installed on Any Roof?

You will be glad to know that copper gutters can be installed on almost all types of roofs. This makes them a versatile choice for various architectural styles and roofing materials. Copper gutters can fit your unique roof configuration, whether you have a flat roof with roofing membranes or a sloped roof with shingles. The roofers you choose can use brackets or hangers to install copper gutters for your sloped roof. For your flat roof, the roofers can use a different installation method.

How Long Do Copper Gutters Last?

Copper gutters are prized for their exceptional longevity and durability. With proper maintenance and installation, your copper gutters will serve you for several decades. In most cases, copper gutters often outlast other gutter materials. However, the exact lifespan of your copper gutters will depend on different factors like maintenance practices, environmental conditions, and climate. Also, copper is highly resistant to rust or corrosion over time, unlike other gutter materials.

Are Copper Gutters Environmentally Friendly?

Copper gutters are considered environmentally friendly for several reasons. Firstly, copper is a natural and recyclable material. That means it can be repurposed and recycled to promote sustainability and reduce waste. Additionally, copper contains inherent antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other biological growth. Also, copper gutters require minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan.

How Much Do Copper Gutters Cost?

The exact cost of copper gutters varies, depending on your home's size and the gutter system's complexity, style, location, and length. So, ask for accurate and up-to-date quotes from different installers to determine the exact cost.

Do Copper Gutters Change Color Over Time?

Typically, copper gutters tend to change color with time. Initially, these gutters tend to have a bright, reddish-orange hue. After some time, the gutters develop a patina which often transforms into shades of brown, green, or bronze. The exact color and rate of the patina will depend on your location and the prevailing environmental conditions.

Can I Install Copper Gutters Myself?

Although you might be tempted to install copper gutters yourself, especially if you have the necessary skill and experience, hiring a professional gutter installer is highly recommended. Proper installation ensures longevity and unmatched performance. That's why you should leave it to the gutter experts with the expertise and tools to make precise measurements and ensure your gutters are securely attached and adequately slopped for optimal water flow.

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