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Copper Rain Gutters

Gutters are an essential element in any building, whether it is a building, a house, or a cottage because it collects rainwater and does not allow it to drain under the facilities. Copper rain gutters are certainly one of the best solutions for draining water from your roof, but they are undeniably one of the most aesthetically pleasing solutions. Woolley's Gutter Experts make gutters of steel, aluminum, or copper. Copper rain gutters fit perfectly with a variety of building materials in both old and modern buildings. Copper is incredibly long-lasting and requires no maintenance. The benefits of copper rain gutters lie in the aesthetics, longevity, and enhancement of the property. Copper takes as much as two to three times longer than other gutter materials.

Woolley's Gutter Experts is a factory that comes to your home address to install copper rain gutters for the right length. The cross-section is usually semicircular or square and can have various other decorative profiles.​

Advantages of Copper Rain Gutters:

  1. Copper gutters extending along roofs and facades add value to the building;

  2. Copper lasts two or even three times longer than other materials to cover;

  3. It is the same for the sea air and urban environment, resistant to corrosion and the most extreme climatic conditions;

  4. Copper is a natural material, which is why it is well recycled and does not pollute the environment.


Because they fit perfectly into different building materials, copper rain gutters are a great match for old and modern buildings. Copper is incredibly durable, requires no maintenance and replacement, creates a color that protects it for a long time, and is easy to form.


Woolley's Gutter Experts offer you a free estimate if you invite them at your home address, as well as several lines of seamless copper rain gutters:

  • Storm Master;

  • Black Thunder;

  • Rain Star;

  • American Half Round;

  • Euro-Classic;

  • Titan lines.

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