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Steel Rain Gutters

Steel rain gutter is an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties. This type of gutter is the most durable and strongest among rain gutter types. To protect it from rusting steel gutters are galvanized, or coated in zinc. Over time, the zinc coating wears off and the steel becomes subject to rain, wind and other elements. Steel rain gutter in San Diego are often painted to match the color of the home's exterior theme.

Benefits of Steel Gutters

Before, gutter systems faced issues involving production and quality. Due to limitations in production and shipping, a typical gutter is no more than 10 feet in length. For properties that needed more than 10 feet, coupling several gutters together to form a channel was the common practice. The areas where the pieces were joined together proved to be the weakest link- more often than not, the connectors and couplings were prone to leakages and rusted easily, which meant that they often had to be replaced with new materials. Moreover, these connectors required frequent painting and other maintenance as paint flakes, washes, and wear out faster on steel than other gutter types.


Woolley's Gutter Experts' seamless steel rain gutter technology has been developed to provide a steel rain gutter without the problems associated with it. Splicing, or dividing steel gutters into 10-foot sections is no longer required, thereby eliminating separation and leaking issues homes and businesses experience when they opt for steel-type gutters. We can come to your property and produce gutters that are the exact length as what you need- if you have a 55'7'' rear length, then our 'Factory on Wheels' will make a 55'7'' rear steel rain gutter that's pre-painted according to your specifications! We offer steel rain gutters in several popular baked enamel colors.


Expect top-quality steel rain gutter from our distinguished lines. Woolley's Gutter Experts is your go-to company when you need steel rain gutters that last a long time.

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