Rain Gutter Profiles

​(5'') Straight Face Gutter &

(2''x 3'') Smooth Downspout

  • Adds a sophisticated modern look to any home

  • Downspouts are custom and typically require more skill and time to fabricate and install

6" Half Round Gutter & 3" Round Downspouts

  • A Half round gutter with the open half facing the roof

  • Works well with tile roofs because its extra inch in width prevents water from "over-shooting"

  • A classic custom look, a great addition to any home

K Style Gutters

  • K Style gutters are the most popular gutter shape or profile with their decorative crown molding appearance (also called ogee gutters)

  • This gutter style, along with 2"x3" corrugated downspout is the most economical of seamless rain gutters

Gutter Guards

  • Make your rain gutter system maintenance free

  • We offer a variety of gutter guard products installed. Gutter guards, or leaf screens, are a great addition to your rain gutter system.

Rain Barrels

  • Woolley's Gutter Experts will pick up rain barrels, deliver them to your house and modify downspouts to drain into barrels at NO ADDITIONAL COST

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